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Ongoing Support - Quarterly

Price: $135.00

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Zen Cart Pros - Paid-for-Support*

*/Monthly Service Charge $45.00/*

(Must be paid quarterly - $135.00)

*Services Include:*

1.Database cleanup/reset.

2.Submission of product/store inventory to;

a.Google per CPC campaign

b.The Find



3.Fix/correct any image, content or template issues as needed.

4.Upgrade, patch any version release, as needed.

5.Provide simple support, quick fixes, edits as required by client _UP TO_ reasonable expectations my mutual parties as to reflect a small monthly budget support level

6.Inform/advise any new features, modules or extras that might be significant to specific needs

7.Offer ongoing training, advise, hints and tips with product/inventory

8.Can include product insertion with provided images, content and special notes

9.On-call for any quick assistance on anything needed

10.Extra modules you wish installed are all 40% discounted under this program 

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