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Complete Zen Store A- Z

We will complete a full new Zen Cart store per the list below;

1.       Install a current version of ZenCart. v1.5.1
2.       Install or transfer template and theme it with logo and colors
3.       Migrate current store into new version preserving everything.
4.       Migrate/Create all informational pages, including contact, privacy, conditions, and shipping info
*Payments - Merchant Services*
5.       Configure PayPal Express
6.       Install and configure Google Express
7.       Install and configure Amazon Express
8.       Install and configure or First Data gateway by default to Zen.
*Image Handlers*
9.       Install Lightbox Image Manager for presentation of nicer images.
10.      Install and configure kcfinder an ckeditor and configure both for Hover-Over Image Effect
11.      Install and configure UPS, USPS, or Fed Ex to your needs
*SEO - Optimization*
12.      Install CEON version of SEO URLs, or Simple SEO Urls
13.      Migrate of all existing tag lines, site tags, and meta tags
*Site Security*
14.      Perform security measures on store including renaming admin folder. (Recommended)
15.      Handle any dedicated ip or SSL install as needed
16.      Install Google Base Feed for product feeding (free) to use for product submission to various shopping networks
17.      Install Google Simple Analytics Module
*Inner-Office - Internal*
18.      Replace default header.jpg (zen) for customer emails and admin area with your logo or header.
19.      Remove stock text on Shopping Cart Contents page (replace if info furnished)
20.      Remove British Flag (English) and replace with American (USA)
21.      Create Favorite - Favicon for your company brand building
22.      Replace default credit card images on the checkout page with actual Visa, MC, Discover, etc..
23.      Perform 1 hour training and consultation on various subjects and related tasks involving how to put maintain products,
do's and don't, SEO guidance, and marketing 

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