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About Us

Being a Zen Cart expert means knowing how to do things right, being involved in the Zen Cart community, working to better the code and mods and having a lot of experience working with many Zen Cart websites. 14 years doing this, I have learned what is important, and what is not.  Knowing what vital mods to install, implementations to be made, and neccessary marketing and SEO is always crucuial for success

While we still build other websites, such as, blogs, small business websites and directories... Our overall focus and core is ecommerce.  While SEO itself is a fairly logical process, the usability and conversion factors involved in an ecommerce store are not. Every store is different, with different needs and thus different solutions built around the core usability facts and research we have learned and completed.

ZenCartHelper is the leading U.S. based development company offering the lowest prices and best services anywhere!
Located outside Seattle, Washington we are here to help in anyway we can.  Our goal is to offer affordable services to our clients allowing them to make more revenues
Also if you are hosting with companies such as Godaddy or other very large organizations like that, it is actually hurting your business in many aspects.  Shared hosting is never any good for eCommerce and especially ZenCart.  The high demands of memory and the need for customizations to things like MySQL, DB, and other aspects make it very difficult with the mentioned types of hosting.  You are sharing a server (your store) with hundreds of thousands of others.  This is not good!
We offer some of the best private-dedicated hosting available. Remember, is a premier hosting service catering to the ZenCart client.
You are missing out if you are not hosting on a private sever, at our low prices - **$5.75 a MONTH or Less, for that kind of package with our kind of 24-7 - 365 customer support.
We also offer all these great installations for very popular software scripts, cms's and services.
           Noahs Classifieds
          Content Management
           Joomla 1.5
          Customer Relationship
           Crafty Syntax Live Help
           Help Center Live
           PHP Support Tickets
           Support Logic Helpdesk
           Support Services Manager
          Discussion Boards
           OS Commerce
           Zen Cart
          Hosting Billing
           AccountLab Plus
          Image Galleries
           4Images Gallery
           Coppermine Photo Gallery
          Mailing Lists
          Polls and Surveys
           Advanced Poll
          Project Management
          Site Builders
           Soholaunch Pro Edition
           Templates Express
           TikiWiki CMS/Groupware
          Other Scripts
       Side menu appearance
       Email notifications
       Installations overview
Here are some great free and low price resources.  There are more but these are good.
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